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Planning to publish your first cookbook soon and feeling daunted by all the details?

You might be thinking: how specific do my instructions need to be? Will others understand this exactly the way I mean it? Could this description be misleading or confusing?

Maybe I can help!

Clarity, precision and accuracy are key when it comes to writing recipes.
It’s useful to know who you are writing for: are they aimed at beginners, home cooks with a bit of experience or professionals (who maybe aren’t that interested in how to chop an onion properly)?


Whatever it is, there are many aspects to consider and keep in mind. This is where I come in: a second pair of eyes can show you where you might have missed an important detail, point out unclear instructions or let you know if there’s an ingredient missing in the method (or the ingredients list!). I will also make sure your writing is concise and easy to follow, so that your readers can have the best cooking experience possible.

What do you need?


getting your writing
into shape


at the final stage of the
writing process


read my blog for helpful tips
along the way

I’ve been cooking and baking ever since I was big enough to help my mum in the kitchen (and got to lick the cake bowl!) and I’m fascinated by the science of food and nutrition. Head over to my Instagram page @the_hungry_editor to see some of my own cooking experiments! 

You can also read more about me here or drop me a message if you have any other questions.

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Your Target Audience

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